Digital Ad – The Blue Moon Beauty Fridge

Director, Editor

A viral, comedic narrative. This ad combines comedy and absurdity to deliver a well crafted sales pitch, dominating on social media platforms and Facebook ads. Edited all SFX, VFX and motion graphics.

Unscripted Reality – Day in the Life with Multimillionaires

Videographer, Editor

One of many videos that were shot and edited as part of this ‘Day in the Life with a Multimillionaire’ Reality YouTube series.


Teaser/Trailer – Inside.com


In addition to editing individual videos and clips with all these CEOs and business moguls, this is a trailer for Inside.com, combining hours of raw footage from virtual interviews into one catchy and informative piece. 


Director, Editor

Feature directorial and editing debut. Here is  a two minute trailer for the feature film, The Misadventure of Unlikely Heroes, streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, Tubi TV and more. A mystery/drama with comedic undertones.

Digital Ad – Beauty Elixir

Director, Editor

Online ad for a luxury beauty product. With a focus on product beauty shots.

SHORT FILM – The Dancer

Producer, Editor

Teaser clip from a short film that premiered at the International Film Festival of South Asian in Toronto.

Digital Ad – 5 Step Skincare Routine

Director, Editor

A direct response online commercial combining comedy and product information into an over-the-top digital campaign.


A quick VFX Reel containing motion graphics and compositing work, compiled from prior corporate and film work.

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